Wonder Waste

"Hola i chau are 'selector-collectors': their sculptures are fabricated from found material, transforming debris and discarded matter into objects worthy of contemplation.
They identifies  a poetics in discordance. With the intention to give visibility to otherwise invisible matter, they broaden the lifespan of typically disposable things to fracture
 the thoughtless patterns of consumption in a consumerist world, finding beauty in that which goes overlooked".

Flat water
Sculpture made with discarded material,
100 x 75 x 63 cm.
November 2019

Things, imperceptibly,
become detached from themselves
and flee to other forms,
towards other names.

La ola
Site-specific installation
The sole purpose was to give it a last ephemeral and contemplative moment.
Action/installation Made with discarded materials.
November 2021

Sculpture made with discarded plexiglass.
68 x 58 x 33 cm.
Berlin, June 2022

Sculpture made with discarded material.
November 2022

The stillness of motion.
Site-specific installation at Weserhalle Gallery.
Installation made with discarded materials,
210 x 120 cm.
Berlin, December 2019

Site-specific Installation at Weserhalle Gallery.
Installation made with discarded materials,
60 x 30 x 60 cm.
Berlin, December 2019.

Embrace to emptiness
Sculpture made with discarded plexiglass.
58 x 41 x 40 cm.
Berlin, June 2022

Abrazo torcido
Sculpture made with discarded steel,
81 x 37 x 47 cm.
Berlin, November 2022

The unexpected shapes
Founded Pvc,  95 x 65 x 3 cm.
Berlin, September 2021.

Las formas inesperadas
Sculpture made with founded plaxiglas.
46 x 42 x 18 cm.
Berlin 2021.

Las formas inesperadas.
Sculpture made with founded plexiglas.
59 x 17 x 23 cm.
Berlin 2021.

Site-specific Installation.
Berlin 2018

Fabric composition
120 x 90 cm
Buenos Aires 2017